PHP, Unable to load dynamic library, cannot open shared object file

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  1. row

    row New Member

    Hi there,

    iam new @ ispconfig. First: great job you done! Thank you for that.
    Now the problem :)
    My machine (simple vserver, debian wheezy, setup with your perfekt server doc) runs since a couple of days, just one client (me) with some domains, websites and mail (not working at the time).
    Today i found that the logfiles fills the drive up to the top. One of the messages i found, is this in /var/log/ispconfig/cron.log

    I cant find that problem in later posts.
    Any suggestions what to do?

  2. nowayback

    nowayback Well-Known Member


    if you prefer to ask in english, there is a forum at

    to disable apc just check your php config. If you want to install apc run: apt-get install php-apc

    Both should fix your error.
  3. row

    row New Member

    (upps, ich dachte in allen Foren hier wäre englisch ok. Sry)

    Hi und Danke
    für die Antwort.
    Leider funktionierte das nachinstallieren via # apt-get install php-pear php-apc nicht vollständig, da schon das Paket "symlink" installiert ist, sagt apt-get.

    Aber das cronlog ist jetzt erstmal nicht weitergewachsen.
    Vielen Dank

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