I noticed that there are many feature requests that are opened for more than 3 years in the bugtracker server, same as this here:
So how is the state of the feature requests, did you guys even noticed them?

Thanks for the great work on this great system! :)


Off course we have seen all feature requests in our Bugtracker and we have implemented hundreds of features and bugfixes in the past 3 years. As you can see in the votes field, there is not much interest in this feature compared to others, so it does not has a high priority. The API needs no WSDL file, it's just nice to have. I implemented many applications that use the API and never missed a WSDL file for it. If you want to see WSDL support, then feel Free to sign up at the ISPConfig git server and implement it.
Ok thats good to know! :)
Yea I know, but a WSDL file would be nice for generated apis for .net.
I think I will implement one to assist that project a bit! :)
Thank you very much! :)
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Looks interesting but the gpl 3 license infects other code, so it cant be used in projects that use a bsd license like ispconfig.