ISPConfig RC1 released

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    ISPConfig RC1 is available for download. This release is
    the first release candidate for the upcoming ISPConfig 3.0.1 final.

    ISPConfig 3 is a new Hosting Control Panel rewritten from scratch. ISPConfig 3
    is not a direct update for ISPConfig 2. Do not install it on a ISPConfig 2 server.

    Features of ISPConfig 3 compared to ISPConfig 2

    - Support for virtual mail users
    - Support for virtual FTP Users
    - Support for multiple Servers
    - Support for splitting of services to multiple servers
    (Database, web, FTP and DNS can be on different servers).


    The software itself can be downloaded here:

    ISPConfig rc1 is also available as ready to run VMWare virtual
    machine based on Debian 4.0.

    Download of the VMWare image: (approx. 600 MB)

    When you run the vmware image the first time you will be asked to keep
    or create a MAC address. Select "keep", otherwise the networking wont work.

    The root password of the VM is set to "ispconfig", the IP address is and has to be reconfigured in /etc/network/interfaces
    to meet your network requirements. The ISPconfig Interface login is:

    User = admin
    Password = admin.


    - Added a Wizard for DNS records
    - Added new database replication mechanism for multiserver setups
    - Added function to change the language of the interface witout the need to re login.
    - Added ini style settings for the interface part
    - Redirect destination after logout is configurable now
    - Added merging function in language file editor.
    - Software package installer for ispconfig software addons.
    - Many enhancements in the monitor module
    - Open jobs in jobqueue are now listed in interface

    - Many bugs were fixed, see bugtracker:[]=13&status[]=closed&do=index

    For a detailed changelog, please have a look at the SVN history with a SVN client of your choice:


    Known Issues:

    Please have a look at the bugtracker:

    BUG Reporting

    Please report bugs to the ISPConfig bugtracking system:

    Supported Linux Distributions
    - Debian Etch (4.0) and Debian Lenny
    - Ubuntu 7.10 - 8.10
    - OpenSuSE 11 (experimental)
    - CentOS 5.2 (experimental)
    - Fedora 9 (experimental)


    The installation instructions for ISPConfig can be found in the text files (named INSTALL_*.txt)
    which are inside the ISPConfig- file.


    To update existing ISPConfig 3 installations, run this command on the shell:

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